SettingsModelColumnName config name is not visible

In SettingsModelColumnName the method getConfigName() is protected, although I was trying to use that infromation too (getKey() returns the constant "columnName" string, which has no information value for me).

As a workaround I can use a simple SettingsModelString to have both the key and the value, but in that case I'll lose the information about the row ids.

Is this intentional, or I missed something important?

Thanks, gabor

Hi Garbor,

We just didn't expect anybody wanting to get the config name from the settings model. It simply returns the value passed to the constructor. Can't you store this name somwhere? Can you make it a public static constant in the NodeModel?

- Peter.

Hi Peter,

Well, storing it somewhere else would make other parts quite odd, less intuitive, but maybe more correct. With other settings models I can get the passed in key later. Naturally I can subclass this model and make a public accessor I guess that is a better workaround that I previously proposed.

This behaviour was a bit surprising, but I can live with this.