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Hey guys,

we finished our KNIME setup with an client running on Windows and a server running on an ubuntu system. The latter also holds an R-Installation, that should be used to execute R-scripts included in our KNIME workflows. I know that the usual way would be to create a conda environment and publish the environment on the server. However, we would prefer to setup an remote path because of the following reasons:

  • avoid that every developer uses it’s local R Installation
  • the R installation on the server does hold some big internal repositories
  • the R installation on the server uses our RStudio Server and Package Manager installation which allows an easy configuration and inclusion of our internal gitlab repo
  • the data that the R scripts have to process contains thousands of lines, so the scripts have to be run on the server anyway

After searching a little bit, i found the remote workflow editor plugin. Is this something I could use for this? To elaborate more on the question above, might something like “knime://knime.mountpoint/” be used for setting path to R_HOME on server?

Or is Rserve something I could use?

Hi @ThoMi,

The remote workflow editor plugin is a good idea for this problem. Using it you will be able to edit the workflow directly on the server and also run it - where your R environment is set up. This way you don’t need to have a local R environment nor to make a local copy of the workflow.

Is this the functionality you were looking for?

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I managed to setup an Rserve installation on the server and run R-scripts with the Community R-Scripting Extension :slight_smile:

Than sounds like a fantastic solution!
Thanks for posting it here.

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