Share saved workflow with data without username and password

Is it possible to run a KNIME workflow, save it with the data, then share it with the username and password you use for the DB connector removed, though still have the data retained without all the nodes resetting? I can run the workflow and save it, though when i remove my username and password from the DB connector, all the subsequent nodes reset, removing the data with it.

I see there’s ways to have solely the password removed when saving, though i would like my username removed as well, so when another user trys to run it, they don’t accidentally run the workflow with my username still in there and with an empty password which could then accidentally lock my database account.


I think the only approach is the one you have already tested which is using workflow credentials. This method removes the password but not the username as you mentioned.

Any other attempts to remove the username or password will reset the connector node.

If you want to attach data to the workflow and at the same time do not want to share your username and password, you can export the extracted data to a file and read it again. Thus reseting the DB nodes does not reset the workflow.



Thanks @armingrudd. I think your idea would work good as a work-around.

I wonder if it would be possible for KNIME to add this functionality in a future update; like a don’t remember username & password checkbox in the DB node.


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