Share Variables between flows


I have 1 workspace with 5 different flows and I need to share a counter between them. 

Each flow reads different xlsx files with different structure and i do different modifications for each but i need to insert a new column into output csv files with a index that is create with the counter (read-write counter). This index is to each output file.

1) N xlsx files vs N csv files (1 to N index). 2) M xlsx files vs M csv files (N+1 to N+M index). 3) P xlsx files vs P csv files (N+M+1 to N+M+P index). 4) Q xlsx files vs Q csv files (N+M+P+1 to N+M+P+Q index). 5) R xlsx files vs R csv files (N+M+P+Q+1 to N+M+P+Q+R index).

I try to use a Workspace Variable but i can't modify it with a Java Edit Variable node which works with other flow variables.I stop loop ejecution to see if this workspace variable is modified but not. I can't reuse the flow control between them (Merge Variables) because I have duplicates flow variables and the node show a conflict.

 I see a owner id different for that workspace variable (0) and each flow variables group has its owner id different too (0:8) and different for a new flow variables created with Java Edit Variable (0:223). I think the solution is around some kind of permissions with this owner id.

Now my unique solution is manual set...

Any help?



Hi Fernando,

you can use the java edit variable to gennerate the flow variable, than connect its flowvariable outport to all of the nodes you want to use this variable with.

In KNIME you can connect 1 outport with as many inports as you wish. The flow variables can always be connected via the optional flow variable ports.

Cheers, Iris