SharePoint Connector help

I have just found the SharePoint connection node which would b every useful to utilise. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to work! Ours works via a URL so I choose “web URL” and have no luck with either the basic URL or one pointing to the space.

If I try and check “subsite” to refine further, I get:


If I just apply that URL, I cannot execute the node to even get an error message. So I’m a bit stuck and the node’s instructions are not too clear to me. Can anyone assist? Thanks!

Hi @JWebb -

Have you checked the documentation on our site about the Sharepoint Online Connector? Take a look here: KNIME File Handling Guide

What node are you using upstream to authenticate with? As the docs show, there are a few different choices.

Initially, I wasn’t using anything. I have tried authentication and it doesn’t seem to work with my details. There doesn’t seem to be any way of showing what I am trying to authenticate.

Makes me wonder if it would ever work, to be honest. Might just be easier to manually download the files!

We might be able to help if you can provide some additional details about the errors that happen when you try to authenticate (screenshots are OK, logs are better).

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