Sharepoint Connector to on-prem sharepoint not working


i’m trying to use the MS Authentication and Sharepoint online connector to connect to an on-prem sharepoint.
So we do have new online sharepoints (i guess the new 360 ones?) for which the connection works, however the connection to on-prem doesn’t work:

the error massage is:
" Execute failed: The provided path does not exist, or does not represent a site"

I just wanted to know whether this is feasible at all with the MS auth and SP online connector?

many thanks in advance

Hi @And_Z -

I’ve done a little digging and it’s not obvious to me what the answer is. Note that you’re not the only one with a similar question:

I’ve asked internally - let me see what I can find out. Thanks for your patience.

Hi again @And_Z -

I checked internally and learned that we don’t currently support connecting to on-prem Sharepoint resources. I will file a ticket for a feature request in our system (AP-16639), and link this forum thread to it as a +1.

Sorry for the trouble!


Hi @ScottF - any update to the on-prem Sharepoint connector request?

Not that I know of, unfortunately. I’ll ping the development team about the ticket mentioned above. Thanks for the prompt!

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Hey Scott, this is important for our organization so it will be good if you have an update on that.


Currently I don’t have any updates, sorry about that. I have added you as a +1 on the existing ticket.

Hey, Scott please add an +1 for me aswell

Thanks! :slight_smile: