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I am new to KNIME and I am trying to access a SharePoint folder with the node SharePoint Library Connection. I am pasting the URL and pressing the button “Authorize”. Then it says “Authentication and authorization in progress…” but I get no popup asking me to authorize. I’ve tried several folders on Sharepoint, both private and public. Do I need an extension for this, or should I use another node to access an Excel file on SharePoint?

Hi @demgiarehanoi -

Sorry for the delayed response. I’m checking on this internally and will get back to you soon.

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Hi again @demgiarehanoi -

I am not familiar with the node you mention. Can you provide a screen shot or a minimal example workflow that describes the problem you’re seeing?

Normally, KNIME users will access Sharepoint data via web service or REST API as described in the linked post below.

We now have btw our own Sharepoint connector, just released with KNIME 4.2.

You can find more about it here:


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