Sharepoint list read Get request node

I need help with reading Sharepoint list data(aspx extension), I have seen multiple threads suggesting to use Get request but none of them has worked for me yet, I might not be using the control properly the url link I am using is:‘ListName’)/items

and getting 403 error.

is there any better way of doing it?

Any help is appreciated

First, is the feed being returned when you put the url link into your browser? 403 is a permissions issue. Your IT department may need to make change SharePoint configuration and/or the permissions settings. Also, what kind of authentication is set up in your environment? Windows based? You might be able to pass these credentials along via the Authentication tab in the Get Request node. However, if you have Form based authentication or SAML authentication, you are likely going to need to add an Authorization header in the Request Header tab.

Without needing to authenticate, you can do a simple call to the SharePoint server without issue via the Get Request node. You would only need to add an Accept header in the Request Header tab.

Hi there,

To get SharePoint List data updated the best solution for me is to export to a query file and get Excel to update it. Automation can be done through powershell script. Hope that helps