sharepoint online error (illegal charactor in path in List Files Node)

Using the sharepoint online connector node with KNIME,
Next, when I try to use List FIles/Folders, if the folder name contains [, I get an error saying “illegal character in path at index **”. An error does not occur with the { character, but what can I do to prevent an error from occurring even with the [ character?

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I have just tested this and I’m able to normally list file with [ character using List Files/Folders node after SharePoint connection. Which KNIME version are you using? (I have tested with v4.7.7)



We tried it using KNIME version 4.7.6.
Is this difference serious ?

Hiroshi Kuribayashi

Hello @Kuribayashi,

Don’t think so. At least looking at the changelog.

Perhaps this is related to a certain encoding and/or SharePoint/OS settings. Hard to tell.

A workaround (to making List Files/Folders green) is to use filter option and following regular expression on File name:


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