Sharing a flow for input

Hi, I made a flow that is likely the most in effcient way to accomplish what I wanted. I would like to attach it here and get some input on how a skilled user would do it.

However! I don't know how to attach a flow. I come from Alteryx, perhaps you have a different name for it. I tried to save it in a browse but that option wasn't available.

Is someone avaialble to take a look? And let me know how to attach it.


Hi Meta,

you need to export the workflow. You can do this by e.g. right-clicking the workflow and than with the command Export KNIME Workflow save the workflow in a file.

This would be a *.knwf file and this you can upload here in the forum.

Best regards, Iris


I'm trying to filter out unique rows. My input dataset has 4 dupes where ID is 271 and 2 dupes where ID is 251. There's not much I can do about the input data, it's an export from an enterprise management system. The whole project is reconciling data among the enterprise system, quickbooks, the physical folders and my client's head. The flow I attached is only the manipulation on the enterprise system (HomeTrak = ht), not the others.

Node 20 is my filtering out where ID = 271, which I only know is a dupe because of Node 35, which shows me the count of IDs. I didn't discover 251 was a dupe until after I'd run through the data and found some issues.

The only way I could figure out how to do it was to isolate 271 then pull one of the rows through (based on row ID) and concatenate it to the original file that doesn't have any of the 271s. (Nodes 20, 23, 22). I doubt this is the most efficient way.

In SQL I'd do a SELECT DISTINCT because I know that the records are exactly the same (through eyeing it, not through any node formula). I don't know how to do it in KNIME.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.