Should Naive Bayes model exported with PMML writer reference the used derived fields?


when I export a naive bayes model with some data preprocessing to PMML then the model seems to reference the original and not the derived fields in the exported xml file. I attached an example workflow. In the example I would have expected the "fieldName" of the "BayesInput" to be "age**" instead of "age" and "workclass" instead of "workclass". I tried decision tree and logistic regression with the same workflow and with these the derived fields "age**" and "workclass*" are referenced.

This is in KNIME 3.1.2

Is this a bug? Or did I get it wrong? Any help appreciated.




Hi Britta,

you are right. The naive Bayes node should reference the derived fields and not the original ones. We will have a look into this for KNIME 3.2. Thanks for reporting the issue.



Great! Thank you!