"show flow variable port" in job on Knime server


I was wondering if I can active “show flow variable port” in job on Knime server.

I deployed a workflow on Knime Server and I opened the workflow as job on server.
And when I tried to add flow variable port by using “show flow variable port” in node menu, it was deactivated.
Moreover, when I select “hide flow variable port” in node menu, I can’t add flow variable port again.
So I opened my workflow temporarily and added flow variable…

Is it right that “show flow variable port” can’t use in job on Knime Server?

Hi @hhkim,

While the “Show Flow Variable Port” is not featured you can use the ports similar to the usual behavior of the KNIME Analytics Platform while editing a local Workflow: Hover with the mouse over the top right of the source node/component, you will see a small info popping up showing Variable Output. Then connect it to the input port of the target node. Just act as if the flow variable ports would be shown.

Hope this helps you.


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