Show Flow Variable Standard Time in Date&Time Input Node

Hey Community,

I have a flow variable related problem with Date&Time Input Nodes for a GUI interface. What I want to do is have an End Date that is set on the current date as standard and a Start date that should be 1 week before the end date in order to define a time span for users. Of course they can overwrite the time as they please but I want it to show the standard dates in the GUI when first started.

The problem is that although I have a flow variable with a start date that is always 1 week before the end date running in one of my Date&Time input Nodes, the GUI instantly overwrite the flow variable date with a default date selected in the Node Configuration when executed. And since I can’t delete the field for Default value in the Node config It always overwrite my flow variable.




Thanks in advance for the help.



Hi @El_Capit4n,

It looks like you had opened the interactive view of the Start date at some point and have set the value as default so that it is now overriding the content of the flow variable: Take a look at the bottom of the configuration dialog the node, where it says “Value overwritten by dialog…”. Setting the default via the UI seems to take precedence over the flow variable. Have you tried making a copy of the Start date node and feed the compute flow variable to it? The copying should get rid of the default value from the dialog…


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