Show message/ help text to user on knime server

When someone sees my workflow on knime server, I want to show them some help text, or guidelines that would help them understand the process. Is there a way we can show statuc message on the knime server?

Hi @sujitnath84,

you can always add a workflow description (by clicking a blank spot in the workflow canvas, then hit the pen in the upper right corner of the description view) which will be shown in the WebPortal:
KNIME AP: image
WebPortal (in the List):

WebPortal (when clicked): image

If you want to add descriptive text in the WebPortal, e.g. on each page of your DataApp, I’d recommend the Text Output Widget, where you can add plain or HTML-formatted text.

If you meant the documentation of the workflow itself, I’d recommend e.g. workflow annotations (again, right click at a blank spot → New Workflow Annotation).