Show Number of records on connections

I think it would be a huge help to be able to optionally show the number of records on each connection line as soon as the output is complete. This would help us, at a glance, be able to see if we are losing records, gaining duplicate records, etc, without having to notate everything ourselves.

i.e., if I have 20,000 records when I start, I apply 3 joins and expect to still have 20k at the end, this would help me catch issues very quickly. As it stands, I end up notating the results for each node to make sure I’m getting what I expect.

Note that I stumbled on the blog related to the Streaming Execution Beta - (which is very cool looking!). THIS FEATURE IS ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTED THERE!! It looks great, and I would love to see that incorporated into the main user interface so we can utilize it even when not Streaming!


Hi @scottb , that feature would be nice indeed!

Hello @scottb and @bruno29a,

have noted your request to existing ticket. (Internal Reference: AP-15452) In the meantine maybe Node Monitor can help? It shows table dimensions for Output Table view.



Node monitor is great, as well as the hover text over the output ports (which is what I usually use when I’m going through this exercise). These of course require node by node action to see the counts, so hence the feature request. Thanks for logging this!!

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Thanks @ipazin - This part is just so I can have 20 characters :smiley:

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