Show only data in specific format

Hi, I’m a new knime user and I’m kind of stuck.

I need only the data that are exact 9characters long and have the following format
I tried to use string manupilation but then I get everything that have max 9 characters.

Hoping someone can help me

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Do you mean you want to keep only the rows that have data in this format in a specific column? In that case you can use the Row Filter node. It has a “Pattern” field where you can specify a regular expression. That is a special expression that describes how a string should look like. In your case: 3 uppercase letters, a dash, then 4 digits, another dash, then 3 digits can be expressed as:


You can use a tool like the fantastic to try out your patterns and learn more about regular expressions.
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IT WORKS ! Thank you Alexander for the help and the tip.

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