Show workflow page or view number in webportal on job pages

Hi everyone,
is there a configuration or setting (maybe an additional node) which shows the user during the execution of a workflow the current page-number (or step number).

As an example: We have a workflow which has 5 component views during execution.
It would be great if we could add the information “page 1”, “page 2” … and so on in the footer or header of the job pages dynamically.

Hi @RobM ,

That is an interesting question. I’m not aware of an option to dynamically display a page count (e.g. page 3 of 5).

However, it should be possible to create a component that consists of a Text Output Widget and a Math Formula (Variable) node, which together display a page count and increment a counter flow variable.
Adding that component to the top or bottom of your component layout would work as a header/footer.

This also offers you control over the count, e.g. if you want to go back to a previous step, have loops, or a branching workflow.

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Thank you @marvin.kickuth, I will give it a try. But this would also mean, the Text Output Widget has to be placed on every component, right?

Just a little more context, it would be super helpful in the communication with customers.
“See page number 4 in the workflow for the issue XY…”

Maybe you know an alternative for this issue to receive an exact information about the page of a user if there is any issue that must be reported.

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Yes, the “page count” component would need to be placed in every component that displays a WebPortal page.

I see, this is getting more and more interesting. So the question is: How can I communicate feedback for a workflow when just given the WebPortal execution?

I like your idea of labelling each page, but will also ask a colleague or two. Maybe there are other approaches.

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Hi Rob,

there is a component that builds a nice progress header, maybe that could also be interesting to you?

I haven’t tried it out yet, but there is an example workflow linked further down that could server as a guide.

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