Showing Node description on 64 bit windows very slow


we had problems with displaying the node description on a 64 bit windows Version of Knime.
On a 64 bit workstation (4x Xeon CPU workstation with 8 GB RAM), it can take up to 6-9 seconds before the text is shown in the Node description after clicking on a new node in the navigator

This also slows down the dragging of new nodes into the workflow editor.
In that case, it seems that the node description panel is updated at least twice;
First when you click on a node, a second time(after blanking the node description panel)
when the node appears in the WF editor.

Closing the node description View remediates all the problems.
Bernd suspected that it had something to do with the windows internet explorer settings.

(I've checked with 5 other 32 bit manchines, and none of these show this issue)

Any idea to improve this?
Thanks in advance,
Best regards, frans

Hi Frans:

I don't really have a clue what to do here. I'm pretty sure it's related to the explorer libraries. One thing you could do in order to verify it is using "jstack" (comes with the JDK). It's a command line tool, which is called with the PID of the program (you find the PID of the java process in the windows task manager or in the cmd prompt with "tasklist"). It will then print the stack trace of the java process (redirect to a file) -- so make sure you call it while it's updating the help view content. Is there anything interesting in there (should be the "main" thread?)

Do you also see this behavior when you browse the help content ("Help" -> "Help Contents"?)

I assume that a plain internet explorer session does not have any delays?