simple question--Original workbench view

I have moved the various tabs around while showing a colleague how Knime works. Is there a simple way to reset all the tabs to the original view?

There is menu entry under “View” -> “Reset Perspective…”, which allows you to go back to the original workbench layout (new button in v2.1.1).


i am relatively new to knime.
i can use color manager for my data.
how can i use other property node such as size and shape appender.
i tried but it is not working.
please guide me.

Hi, Color, Size and Shape Manager nodes can be used to assign visual properties to your data table. In each of these nodes, you can select one column which is used to define the property (color, size, or shape) on. Note, a selected column of one of the nodes replaces an already assigned property with the new one; all other properties on different columns are not effected. Furthermore, Color, Size, and Shape Appender nodes can be used to apply the visual settings to new set of data; within the node dialog select to column to assign the property to. This is for example helpful, when you have data from two different sources that need to be visualized in the same way with the same visual properties.
Regards, Thomas