Simple Regression Tree Learner - viewing model

Hi, I am new to Knime and am in the process of building a Simple Regression Tree Learner.

I have partitioned the data and run the model without any error messages, but I am unable to see the actual model (like you can with the Decision Tree Learner). I only have "Execute" as an option and not "Execute and Open Views"

I've attached the Simple Regression Tree Predictor and the model seems to be working well but I need to know what the rules are.

Can someone help me to visualise the model please? Thank you!

Hi sara,

which version are you currently using?

In KNIME 3.2 there is a view available


Thanks for replying.

I'm using 3.1.2. Should I update my software then?

Hi Sara,

Sure you should :-)

Go to File -> Update KNIME.... and after a restart you have all the new features.

Cheers, Iris