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What is the simple streaming available only with subnodes really does ? The Actian "Dataflow executor" working with metanodes and two cores limited  is OK for me but this "simple streaming" remains a mystery to me.


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Also for me it is a mistery... Is there someone that know what is this?


There is a nice video on our YouTube channel that explains the basics:

Thank you Thor! Is there a list of the "Streamable" node that we can use at this purpose? 



see at the very bottom under " Node Repository - Fuzzy Search" at how to identify streamable nodes.

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Is there a road map for the stream enabling nodes? I was trying to use the feature on the column list loop example as I need to apply a math formula to 40 columns and approx 250,000 rows (a sample from 20 million). I hit the issue that Column Rename (Regex) isn't stream enabled yet. A timeline so I can assess whether to wait for the node or to find an alternative way of meeting my requirement would be good


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Hi laurie,

I put it on the list and it will most likely be available with the next bug-fix release (i.e. 3.1.1). Unfortunately can't tell exactly when 3.1.1 will be released, probably within the next 2 month.



Thanks. I used the parallel chunking loop around the outside of the column loop and that has helped me. My CPU monitor lights are now all red when processing so it means I'm doing the best (or at least good enough) with my resources where before I was disk IO constrained as the working files were written.

The streaming of the "Column Rename Regex" node will be available in version 3.2 (due sometime early summer).

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the column rename rename regex is now streamable since 3.2 (released on friday)

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