simpler Solution

KNIME_project.knwf (257.5 KB)

hi everyone,
could someone look to my flow and can maybe help me to have a easier solution.
i want to count all volume for each Order Code pro year and compare it with another Tabelle to choose the right prices. but i have too much Order code and if i want to do this Steps for all. it will take a lot of time. if someone have an Idea, it would be perfekt. or could someone show me, how can i use the Java Node to write a code, which look for the Order codes ?

I wrapped your workflow in a Loop that might illustrate how this may work. The data is does not look database ready with some remarks and currency markings in places where I would have expected only IDs - so some data cleaning might be necessary.

What the workflow does

  • Group by Ordering Codes
  • Group by Devices
  • create a joint list
  • loop over this list with your tasks (have not checked them if they actually do what you want
  • capture the results i the last loop and export them


kn_example_order_code.knar (916.9 KB)

i think i did not explain my idea good. i wanted to do this Prozess for all Order codes in my Work flow i used “Rule-based Row Filter” to choose only one Order code and i want to repeat those Prozesses for each Order code in the Excel Tabell. and then i would like to join all results together.

Hi Hussein!

If I understood well, the process you have created, now would like to repeat for every Supplier Ordercode? You can do that simply by adding Group Loop Start node instead of Rule-based Row Filter node. Also before the JavaScript Table View node add Loop End node to close the loop and have all the results. Just an observation: you have three matching Supplier Ordercodes with Devices from another table.