Simply combining tables - but how

Hi there,

I’m a beginner with Knime and I tried several things to find a solution for the following problem:

I have two tables (read by csv for example). One contains let’s say the following columns:

x-Pos, yPos, description
1, 1, "place1"
1, 2, "place2"
1, 3, "place3"
2, 1, “another place”

(x-Pos and y-Pos are unique in combination for each row)

the other table contains the following columns:

x-Pos, yPos, value
1, 1, 15.5
1, 1, 6.5
2, 1, 8.6

now, I’d like to append the description according to x-/y-position to the second table.
Can anybody help me with which node and which settings I can solve this?


Combining two tables the way you described it works in the following way:

  • Read in the files
  • Use the Column Combiner node to combine the x-Pos and y-Pos columns (since they are unique )
  • use the Row ID node to use the combined column (x+y) for at least one of the files
  • add the column “description” to the other table by using the Joiner node. Be sure to use the table where the combined column (x+y) is the new row id as the first input and select the combined column of the other table as the column to join with.
    • Click on the image to download the referring flow.

Thanks a lot! That works fine and does exactly what I need :slight_smile: !