Skip rest of loop on error but continue workflow

hi @all,

i have a question and did not find an answer in the forum.

Inside the workflow there is a Table Row To Variable Loop Start for 3 Rows. Sometimes  an error occures on one node. I catch this error and send an email. So far so good. 

But i want the loop to stop skip all iterations if this error occures so i don't get 3 emails. Also the rest of the workflow should proceed as normal. > error > catch > email > skip loop > proceed

I tried to manipulate the currentIteration variable before the loop end node to skip the execution but that does not work. 


I hope someone has a solution. Thank you.

What if you put the try-catch outside the loop? e.g. 'try' -> Loop Start -> [Loop Body] -> Loop End -> Catch Errors?


Hm, maybe a "Variable condition loop end", with the end condition set either "on catch" or "on completion without error"?


Thanks for your suggestions, i tried to put the try-catch outside the loop but than i get an Error.

ERROR Loop End             0:13:44:32:37 Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed.

I used the try-catch nodes several times now but i am still not 100% clear how they are supposed to be used.

@Ergonomist: I will try the "Variable condition loop end" thank you.