Slice Loops


I really love the new Slice Loop nodes! There's just one feature that I am missing still: the Slice variable just counts the slices so far. But if I am iterating over multiple dimensions (e.g. I have X,Y,Z,T images and operate on X,Y), then the Slice variable just counts on after the last Z level.

If I want to get back the Z and T level individually, I have to either use an outer and an inner loop or use modulo (ugly ;)). Could you please specify the all of the removed indices as a kind of offset? That could be the X,Y image and instead of just the slice number two columns / variables Z and T.

Thanks a lot,


Hi everyone,

by now I found out that the Slice Loops don't play well with Labelings. They are accepted in the configuration, but when you actually execute the loop, there are errors.

If the labeling is the only item of the loop, I get an execption like cannot typecast imgLabeling to imgPlusNode.

Moreover, if I use a X,Y,T labeling together with a X,Y,Z,T Image and I want to have X,Y,Z slices, I get this error:

WARN   SliceIteratorLoopStartNodeModel  We ignored img/labeling in column 1 as the dimensions are to compatible to a previously discovered img/labeling
ERROR  Slice Loop Start                Execute failed: Cell count in row "Slice 0" is not equal to length of column names array: 1 vs. 2


PS: it would be great if the Splitter node supported Labelings, too!

Hi Lorenz,

thank you for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. 
I am currently working on the reported bugs
and will commit the changes within the next days.