Sliding time interval

Wondering if there is a capability to define "sliding" time intervals (e.g., "last 30 days", "last 7 days", "last month", etc.)  I am working on a workflow for a heat map giving metrics for a set of defined compute servers.  Would like for these time custom time intervals to be selectable by a user on WebPortal.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Brad,

yes this is doable, but we need more nodes than one.

You need two Quickforms, one for selecting the granularity ("week", "month", "day") and one for selecting the number.

Now use the time difference node with the option Use current date/time and use the granularity as a flow variable for the granularity in the node.

Next you need a row filter node. This set to filter based on the difference column and the range is defined my the number as selected by the user.

Give it a try and let me know in case you need an example flow.

Best, Iris 


I want to thank you for your reply to my inquiry.  As a Knime "newbie" I would appreciate if you might be able/willing to provide an example flow as I'm uncertain which quickform nodes to use as identified by you.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Brad,

no problem, the workflow is attached.

Actually it is a pretty nice example for our webportal and I will push it to our example server as well :)

Best, Iris

Thank you Iris.  That's a nice solution.