SMB Connector Node - Will not execute while running in 'Batch Mode'

Hi all, really hoping someone could help me with this.

I have a workflow that uses the SMB connector node to connect to a network share drive. When trying to use this connector using the regular interface, things work fine, however if I run it in batch mode I get the following error(s)
WARN main Node No connection available. Execute the connector node first.

The connector is the first module in the workflow, so I’m not sure why it’s not executing.

I’m using a command that should reset the connector as far as I’m aware.

START “” “C:\Program Files\KNIME\knime.exe” -nosave -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -reset -preferences=“[FILE_LOCATION]” -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowDir=“[FILE_LOCATION]”


Bumping for visibility

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