Solution to run SAP BW through TIBCO TDV in a Knime workflow

I had been searching for a way to extract data from SAP BW using Knime, and through TIBCO TDV (using a JDBC driver), I managed to run large volumes of data quickly. Additionally, I can create variables to insert into the SQL code. It’s also possible to run multiple BW queries simultaneously using Knime Loops. I’m sharing this solution with the community. Those who work with SAP BW know the challenges we face.

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Thanks @Aldemir for posting your workflow. Out of curiosity, were you able to find a freely available JDBC driver that works for your use case, or did you have to purchase one? In the past, I’ve often found the challenging part here is obtaining a driver that works consistently.

I received step-by-step instructions from IT indicating that I should request the installation of csjdbc8.jar. They had it in their database. I don’t know where they got it from.

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