Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 22


here’s my solution.
Fun challenge, where you get to work with the viz nodes. The challenge brought me back to challenge 7 both in theme and that I got to work with the cool opensource rest API to enrich dataset with continent/region. I didn’t want to clean the country-column too much, so I lose a few countries in the API call.




here is my solution to this challenge:

I imported an Excel file containing the continent to which each country belongs. It comes from Wikipedia (Countries and continents).
With a Joiner node I then imported the continent.
Since some country names slightly differ (few rows, fortunately), I decided to use a Table Editor to manually insert the remaining continent names. This is not the most robust solution but I didn’t want to make API calls.

I am not quite satisfied with the sunburst charts. I am struggling to change the colours in the way I want (colour assigned for both continent and marriage legalisation). Can someone provide an example of how to do it? I tried to use a Color Manager node, but only one category can be modified, the other one becomes black. Also using two Color Manager nodes does not work, because colour is assigned for each row according to only one dimension.

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Hi, here is my solution. It was a good and tough challenge for a beginner like me and I enjoyed it. Thanks.


Hi, first I want to give a sneak peak at one of our visualizations.

Then I wanted to address your question. I believe you are trying to color 2 dimensional data which is also what we did~

Here are the key points to do so:

  1. We need to have one column per value.
  2. Therefore, we make a copy of the column we want to color.
  3. Then we pivot the data (mimicking 3D data in a sense).

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.45.58 AM

Here’s the workflow as well:

Since this is a visual challenge everyone please feel free to post your visuals here as well~ Thanks!

My Take on the Challenge 22- Pride

I have used the country continent group from the reference site which has exhaustive table .Not used too much of color and editing.Used Latest Knime View labs Nodes as well .


Little strapped for time this week. Lots of people seemed to be able to get the bar charts and the restcountries API @martinmunch found is a great resource.

I had created a choropleth map a few weeks ago for a marketing project thought it would be good to contribute this piece. The KNIME Example of a choropleth is out of date using an out of date Google js library this is using the current google charts api/library. It’s not too different just a few tweaks

The Country names likely would need some massaging to get a fully colored map. :+1:



very very professional

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Hi Victor,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I was not able to solve my problem.
I will create a post on the forum, maybe this is not the right place to solve this problem.

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Hello KNIMErs, Here is my solution for Challenge 22


Hello KNIMErs,

Here is my solution to #justknimeit-22 :

KNIME Hub > gonhaddock > Spaces > Just_KNIME_It > Just KNIME It _ Challenge 022

I could reuse some resources from previous challenges ( Challenge07 == R heat map, ISO 3166 … ) to make it easier.

Related to the first 2 questions, the charts talk by themselves:

As the data is one year old, the 2020’s decade represents only 1 year (decades start with years finished in 1 in my analysis)

Recycled R heat-map (choropleth) for the question 3, highlighting SSM geographic distribution:


And answering Question 4, country with legal SSM and Civil Unions. I’ve represented the percentage of countries (where it’s legal) by continent.



Here is my solution for challenge 22


Hi everyone,
here is my solution.
not to shabby. Table views and line plot.



Here is my solution, for the just knime it 22 challange.


Thanks for the heads up about the outdated Google JS library! Will talk to our team about it.

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Here’s my solution. Its missing some countries/territories. I couldn’t find a continent/country table which included non-UN countries and don’t have the time to manually create one. Regardless, the structure of the workflow seems to work.

REF Challenge 22.knwf (722.2 KB)


My solution with the worst visualization according to the surveys - Pie Charts!



Hahaha at least it’s relatively easy to understand the message!


As always on Tuesdays, here’s our solution to #justknimeit challenge 22! :rainbow_flag:

@victor_palacios and I worked together on this challenge to acknowledge #pridemonth. We hope you enjoyed it, learned more about how to #dataviz with KNIME, and also learned about sexual orientation laws about the world.

See you tomorrow for challenge 23!


Hello @walkergv77,
Thanks for the comment.
You can use this Choropleth Map which uses the up-to-date Google chart version.

Let me know if you have further questions I would be happy to help.
thank you,


Another peak at our solution visuals:

Thanks everyone for participating!

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