Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 4 - Season 3

Hi this is my solution for this challenge.

I created the dictionary with some string manipulation.
The first created Geospatial View showed some issues wit the data.

  • some icd10 causes can lead to a multiple count
  • to many icd10 causes to display, so i grouped it to chapters
  • population in the used Geospatial data set was faulty
  • not all countries in the given Data Table are EU members


Hi all, here is my solution.

I was taken long time struggling to handle XML data but thanks to the great KNIMer here, I could extract data :slight_smile:


Added Country population data to normalize across countries and GDP data indicates health & wealth are correlated

A disappointing reemergence of tuberculosis among infectious disease deaths

Could not deal with the XML file and worked around using EXCEL to parse it.


Hey KNIMErs,

A little bit late to the game, but here’s my solution:

First of all, big thanks to @MartinDDDD , @gonhaddock and @rfeigel from whom I heavily stole … ahem … who inspired me for certain things

Death Spongebob GIF - Death Spongebob Smile GIFs

I still think that I got something wrong because if I set all dropdowns to total, my workflows ‘is killing’ way to many people so I am really looking forward to the solution tomorrow.

Here’s a look at my ‘dashboard’:


Heatmap are more intuitive in two-dimensional representations, and I have also learned about them. Thank you.


Here is mine:

  1. Analyze, preprocess and make data “workable”

  2. Dynamically fetch all translations from XML

  3. Update Column Headers and Values based on chosen language

  4. Display Column Explanation, Raw and transformed data

  5. Analyze by Country

  6. Check Outliers

  7. Deep Dive into 5 worst Outliers

PS: @alinebessa would it be possible for future challenge, if their data set is s subset of a greater one, to list the source please?


Jotted your suggestion down!

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@tomljh, Thanks for your comment! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all, here is my solution. It was tough… :sweat:


:hospital: Here’s our solution to last week’s Just KNIME It! challenge. :stethoscope:

:exploding_head: We are amazed to see your incredible visualizations and interactive interfaces for this problem. :nerd_face: Interesting to see how our community tends to add graphs and visual analytics to the challenges! :thought_balloon: Our solution simplifies the data a bit by ignoring differences in sex or age, and simply uses a ‘Sorter’ node to identify blocks of countries based on the most common (and general) cause of death.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: See you tomorrow for a new challenge!