Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 8 - Season 3

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: Wow! Your solutions to last week’s Just KNIME It! challenge are incredible! Some of you definitely “out-tricked” us! :joy: This was a fun one, right? Thanks @emilio_s for this cool puzzle!

:thought_balloon: Here’s our solution, which also keeps references for excluded folders and explanations for why such exclusions happened.

See you tomorrow for a challenge on :money_mouth_face: finance and :robot: web scraping!


wowwow I am impressed by so many smart solutions here!

I had a lot of fun experimenting and putting together this challenge, but I should also give credit to @LukasS for the idea (coming from a real-life problem I guess). Maybe he also has a nice solution to show off!


Wow, I am equally impressed! This is some pretty strong code golf right there. I really like the elegancy of calculating the parent folder paths to just exclude them from the actually needed folders—brings the logic straight to the point.

Since, yes, this came up during real-life, it looks like I need to dig up that workflow and remove some nodes from it: I had around 10-15 nodes, including loops :wink: Very very cool and inspiring, thanks all for participating!

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Better late then never … I was focusing on the Community Hacking Days for the 5.3 release.

Reading through all solution I might be wrong but I could not spot once, please prove me wrong about this as there are lots of awesome approaches, that do not cater for the following scenario:

One disting folder is contained withing another unrelated folder like:


Here is my solution … with the edge case

with the original data set:

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