Solve problem of Duplication

Hi Knime Expert just need your help to solve problem of duplication.

Current situation:

Excel Reader 1 No of lines: 855
Excel Reader 2 No of lines: 157969
Excel Reader 3 No of lines: 79468
Excel Reader 4 No of lines: 932

As per Blueprint of Script I need to join file 1 & 2 using inner joint , and I am getting Output of no of lines = 62393 viz. is equal to output file requirement by client.

My problem starts when I am joining File 3 & 4 with output of joint of File 1 & 2 , where there is duplication. I have tried duplication filter to resolve the problem, I have tried Left Joiner , etc… but i am not getting expected result of 62393 lines.

Please provide your expert opinion of different permutation & combination I shall apply to get desire result .

Hi @ravi13,

If I have understood your explanation well, there are several matches on values in your joining column(s).

So if you want to have the same number of records from the left table (1&2) and and add new columns from the right table (3&4) but there are several matches on joining columns, you can use the GroupBy node after joining and group on all column of the left table and use the appropriate aggregation method on the columns of the right table.

This is my suggestion regarding provided information.



@armingrudd Thanks for answer, this point i didn’t think of, let me check.

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