[Solved] Bug: Variable $${IcurrentIteration}$$ causes compilation error

Hi Knime-Support-Team,

I possibly stumbled across a bug in a string manipulation (variable) node used within column list loop. The value of the first iteration is 0 which I suspect to cause the error …

Invalid settings:
Unable to compile expression
ERROR at line 60
The method join(java.lang.String...) in the type org.knime.base.node.preproc.stringmanipulation.manipulator.JoinManipulator is not applicable for the arguments (java.lang.Integer)


Edit #1: Same when I try to use a simple string manipulation node:

Edit #2: Also not possible when I convert the variable first to row


Kind regards

Hi Mike,

you need to convert the variable (which is a number/integer) into a String, as only Strings can be merged with the Join Function.

It should look like this:


Cheers, Iris 

Marvelous :) That solved it … should pay more attention to the node name and which data I am processing … thanks a lot.