[SOLVED] Dealing with List Datatype Column


I have the below table format:

ID        Count        List(DocNo)

12          2                  [AR23,AR43]

13          3                 [AR12,AR63,AR45]


I need to transform this into some thing like below table:

ID    Count       DocNo

12      2               AR23

12      2               AR43

13      4               AR12

13       4               AR63

13         4              AR45

 I'm finding it challeging to do it in KNIME and could not make a lot of progess. I there a good way to do this in KNIME ? 

Thanks !

Hi mohammedayub,

Using Cell splitter node on List(DocNo) followed by Unpivot node and finally Group by node this can be easily done.



That works. I had a list datatype so I found another work around. Thanks !