Solved: Execute a Windows .bat file

Hi! I am looking for a way to execute a Windows .bat file within KNIME.....the attached workflow hopefully demonstrates what I would like to achieve....

Text Input - in this case, the user must type/paste the path to a executable required by other elements of the workflow

then, write a Windows batch file to a local location (using the text input) and then execute that file.  I think that I should somehow be able to achieve this with an external tool node, but for the life of me can't think how!

Help much appreciated!


Problem solved! Will post solution later for reference!


As I mentioned above, I have been trying to create a sub-workflow that maps a new virtual drive in Windows to a user specified installation directory.

The reason for this is that creating standardised workflows for broad distribution that rely on External Tool nodes would require reconfiguration by every user (to correctly direct the node to the installation path of the required external tool) and I wanted to simplify this process for users.

So, attached is a workflow that takes a text input (installation path), and that maps a new virtual drive S: to the installation directory of BioSolveIT's SeeSAR tool.   This then allows External Tool nodes to use S: as a standard path to execute SeeSAR on the command line. It should be fairly straightforward to edit the nodes therein to map to another virtual drive if your S: drive is already in use.

This is designed for use in Windows, Mac/Linux users will probably need something rather different.