[SOLVED] Flow variable names for QuickForm input in Wrapped Meta Nodes

Hi there,

is there any way to customize the configuration keys for QuickForm inputs contained in Wrapped Meta Nodes?

The attached screenshot should highlight my issue. In this case, the Wrapped Meta Node contains three QuickForm inputs, but I (and especially other users of my workflow) are not easily able to tell which is which in the Flow Variable section, because they're identified by their indices (33, 34, 37 in the example, instead of e.g. username, URL, …).


-- Philipp

Whoops, after resetting and re-configuring the node, the names have suddenly changed and reflect the variable names as configured in the QuickForm node.

So, this was obviously a false alarm. Sorry!

Just some KNIME magic :-)

Great it was working in the end. 

Cheers, Iris 

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