[SOLVED] Image source property gets lost

Hi everyone,

there seems to be a small bug that the image source is not set by the Guassian Convolution node and the Local Thresholding node. After any of those, the image source is empty. I didn't do a exhaustive search for nodes with that behaviour, maybe there are more.

While playing around with the metadata, I also found out that when the metadata of a 3D image is transferred to its 2D projection, there is no warning, but the resulting image is not shown anymore by the Table Cell Viewer. The preview remains, however.

For completeness, is there a reason why the metadata cannot be set on Labelings?




Hi Lorenz,

GaussianConvolution: Will be fixed.

Second one I don't understand,. Can you explain in more detail?

Third one: True, is an issue we are working on. But this may take a while!

Thanks for reporting,



Please don't forget about the Local Thresholder!

For the transfer of metadata, I used the Transfer Metadata node. Just try to have a look at the resulting image. The Table Cell Viewer does not react at all when clicking on the image preview in the table. Especially, no image is displayed and there is no dimension ruler at all.



1. Should be fixed in current nightly build.

2. Added to list. thanks for explaining again

3. Long term project I think :-)

additionally if fixed some issues concerning reading CZI, image properties and our cache. you should get a pretty nice speed-up.

maybe you can test with the current nightly build?




Unfortunately, the latest nightly build is still of the 25th. Maybe there was a compliation issue?

Thanks, seems that some tests failed. I will fix it and the changes should be available by tomorrow.

Sorry to say that, but the only plugin that was updated from of KNIP nodes is still the neuro-image plugin.

this time our server had problems. anyway, I just started the build again. should be ready in approx. 45minutes. :-)

Build Successfull. BioFormats 5.0.3 added in next build. ~45mins.

The source feature and the updated CZI reader work like a charm, thanks a lot!

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