[SOLVED] ImgPlusCell data type compatibility


I just stumbeled accross this one:

calling DataComlumnSpec.getType().isCompatible(StringValue.class) of an ImgPlusCell yields "true"

this shouldn't be, right?


Depends on the ImgPlusCell implementators' intension. If the cell can represent its contents as a string in a suitable manner, it may be right. You have to ask Christian and/or Martin.

I checked their issue tracker on github, but no activity there, so I thought, this would be the place to where they discuss their plugins...

Hi Felix,

for developer-questions you can use the github-issue tracker, too. As you wish.

Regarding your question: yes, indeed, the ImgPlusCell implements the StringValue-interface, too. The respective string then contains the core metadata of the image (e.g. dimensions and dimension-labels, pixel type, etc.)

It is useful to quickly check the images' metadata in an ordinary KNIME table by changing the column renderer to string (right click on a column header).