[solved] Kohonen package/ Iris dataset / what should be between Knime and R-Snippet?


I have been able to (mechanically at least) experiment with Kohonen package in R
by following http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/kohonen/kohonen.pdf examples.

How to use the Iris data set in Knime with R-Snippet Kohonen package?

What nodes are needed between File Reader and R Snippet and what additional scripting in R-Snippet?

More specifically, Kohonen package examples start with data()? How does this connect to the data coming from Knime?

Experiments in repeating Kohonen package examples as they are have not been successful yet.

Thank you!



Hi Markus, when using standard data mining methods from R, we usually recommend using the R Learner and R Predictor nodes. For an example, connect to the EXAMPLE server in the KNIME Explorer and download the 006_R Integration/006_001_R_example workflow into your LOCAL repository. Important to know is that the R Learner works on a data frame called variable R, that is, your dataset is contained inside R, and produces its result again in a variable R; for example R<-rpart(R$target~., R) would generate a decision tree on R using variable target and returns it in a variable R. The R Predictor makes this model available inside RMODEL and the test data inside the variable RDATA. Hope this helps.

Thank you, Gabriel, for your advice. I was able to proceed with the example workflow.