[Solved]Manually install packages

Dear all,

I have recently installed the latest version of Knime on one of my computers.

I have however a problem downloading new packages:

Unable to read repository at http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/trusted/2.10/content.xml.
Connection reset
Unable to read repository at http://www.knime.org/update/2.10/content.xml.
Connection reset
Unable to read repository at http://www.knime.org/update/store/1.0/content.xml.
Connection reset

I think this is a proxy-related issue that I cannot easily fix.

Is there any way to manually install new packages?
I have another computer with Knime where I can install packages through the software. I tried to copy and paste /org.knime.features.ext.weka_3.7_2.9.1.0041076 in the plugins folder from my personal Knime to this one but that does not seem to work...

Many thanks in advance for your help,



You can always download archives of the latest update sites at the links below.  Then simply register the .zip files as update sites and use them to install new features. 





It works perfectly, thanks for your help Aaron!