[solved] Microsoft Access (error with jdbc url)

Hello to All,

First, I would like to mention that I have read topic https://tech.knime.org/node/20275 describing how to configure Knime in order to access Microsoft Access and that I searched the forum database for other topics related to Microsoft Access, without finding a way to solve my problem. I apologize for opening a topic again on this subject.

Here is what I did:

1/ I reinstalled Knime (32 bits because of problem of compatibility with odbc and 64 bits)

2/ I created a DSN with the configuration panel as it can be found with this image

3/ I then configured the Database Connector with  jdbc:odbc:Test as below

But when running, I get this error: ERROR     Database Connector                 Execute failed: Invalid JDBC URL in settings:  jdbc:odbc:Test

I can't guess by myself where could be my error. Can I have your help please ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


This has been solved after rebooting. 

Best regards

Hi Euler,

great it works, I set your Topic to solved :-)