[Solved]Select only third row from database reader select query

I am a executing a select query from the databse reader node.This select query retunrs me 5 rows always.

Out of these 5 rows i need to pick only the third row and discard rest of the rows.

I have noticed that , in the result of the select query knime automatically adds the rowid.so to pick only the third row, i am using the row filter node with following condition

$${SRowID}$$ MATCHES "Row3" => TRUE

But this row filter node is not working correctly.

Any ideas what is the other way to achieve it?


Hi Amarendra,

can you post me your workflow. I did exactly the same and it is working.

Best, Iris 

Thanks Iri.

see the workflow attached

I am connecting to the MS access database and in the workflow in the second database reader node,i am getting  5 rws as a result of the SQL query out of which i need only the third row.For this i applied the row filter with the following rule

$${SRowID}$$ MATCHES "Row3" => TRUE

But this is not working


I appreciate your help on this




I would need an executed Workflow. Or can you post me the table.

another solution would be to use the Row Filter node and in the option Include rows by number limit to row 3 only.

Cheers, Iris 

Many Thanks Iris.

It worked i used the row filter node instead of rule based row filter and in the option i selected include row by row id and got the excat result.

Thanks Again