Solving of linear programming problems with KNIME

Hello KNIMERs,

Is KNIME able to solve linear programming problems?

For example transportation problem and assignment problem.

Thanks for your feedbacks in advance!


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Hello Roland,

KNIME does not provide out of the box features for typical solving algorithms. However, you can always use a python node to do basically everything what you’d otherwise do in a jupyter notebook.

So if you have a python library which offers a nice solver, then you can integrate it also with KNIME in a python code node.

Cheers, Christian

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Hello Christian,

thanks for your feedback. In this case I have to study python coding.

Is it possible to implement R in KNIME too?


Hi @rolandnemeth

Yes you can integrate R. See e.g and the KNIME Hub



Hello @rolandnemeth,

here is guide that can help you integrate R with KNIME:


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Tank you very much Ivan!

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Hi @giggo_m,

Is it possible to send into the python node vectors and matrix as flow variable into the Python Node?

Best Regards

I think the data types for flow variables are limited and cannot have vectors or matrices. You can, of course, create string representations and then parse them out again - this should work.

However, the question is why you would have to pass them along as flow variables and why you cannot use “normal” data connections?

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