Some new nodes missing

Dear all,

obviously I have updated my KNIME version to 2.4....

....but I have not found the XML nodes, the new preprocessing nodes and  the ensemble learning techniques nodes. Moreover I have the impression that "my" set of PMML-nodes is not complete.

(e.g. the Crosstab node is there...)

Is there another installation (beside a "simple" update) needed?

Best regards,



Yes, you may need to go into the Help menu/Install New software. From the dropdown box next to "add", select the KNIME 2.4 Update site, then  in the bigger white box underneath tick everything.

That will get you all the new nodes :-)



Thank you very much Simon,

....and obviously there is a new question popping up. I have noticed the Quick Form nodes. They are linked with a web portal. Has the stand-alone KNIME version the ability to use them via a web portal?

Best regards,


Hi Jürgen,

No, new KNIME WebPortal is part of the KNIME Server which is a product of -- if you need more information on KNIME's enterprise components, please contact me directly...

Thanks, Thomas


You can use these nodes though within a metanode - at which point they are reflected in the 'configure' option of the metanode containing them.  I suppose you could put your entire workflow into a metanode and use it in this way!


Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Best regards, Jürgen