somes qestions about Java Snippet

Hi everybody,I ran in to some problems.Would anybody please help me?Thanks in advance!

1、In a Java Snippet Node,I want to import an external Jar file,which can read datas from a file(such as xml,txt) for some Algorithms written by my own.Can it be realized?and how?

2、In the meanwhile,I also need to import Log4j(provided by apache),but I’m wondering,where should I put the and the log4j.jar files?

3、By the way,can I get Knime by updating my current eclipse-3.4.X?Or if the eclipse-3.4.X does not support the Knime-2.0.X,which version of eclipse should I use?

  • Q1: There is an additional tab in the configuration dialog, labeled "Additional Libraries". Once you imported the jar file, you will need to use fully qualified names in the script.
  • Q2: I guess you could put log4j.jar also in the jars list, but I'm not sure how to properly do the setup (the snippet is repeatedly run for each row -- so any setup in there is sort of a hack). The node wasn't meant to replace a full program. Have you considered to write a dedicated node for your task?
  • We don't have much experience with that, though I'm relatively confident that it works when you point your eclipse to the knime update site (instructions). The current KNIME version (v2.0.x) has been tested against eclipse 3.3.2.
Regards, Bernd