Something about Database Writer

Hi, All

Here I have a "Database Reader" and the SQL Statement configured as below:

select a

from A...

Also I have a table "B", which structure as below:

create table B(

a varchar(10) not null default '',

b ansidate default sysdate

Now I read some data from table "A" with "Database Reader" and writed the data to table "B" with "Database Writer", but the "b" column is null instead of current date. I also executed the SQL:

insert into B(a)


By the above SQL, the "b" column is filled with current date.

So, I am right? if not, how can I reach my goal with KNIME.

Beg your reply and thank you very much!


this request is related to this forum entry. Currently the Database Writer node does insert values into all database columns even though they are not present in the KNIME data table (missing columns will be filled with null). We will have a look into the problem and try to fiy it as sonn as possible.

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Hi, Tobias

Thank you for your reply!

My KNIME input table only contains column a, which generated by "Database Reader" and the SQL Statement is "select a from A". The table B just as what I described in my first post. But, the statement generated in the knime.log is: INSERT INTO B (a,b) VALUES (?, ?).

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Hi Grass,

currently the Database Writer node will insert null for all misssing columns which is why you have null in the db table instead of the current date. This will be fixed with KNIME 2.11 which will be released very soon. The node will then have an option to insert only values into the columns that are present in the KNIME input table.



Hi, Tobias

I have saw your reply on Michi`s post, thank you very much!

Best wishes!