Sorting algorithms in Knime

I want to create a sorting algorithm using excel table in KNIME.Is there any node help me to do that?I work in a data center so there is always at least two operational staff 7/24.What I want KNIME to do is assign them according to some rules.For example No:3 staff going university in Monday,Wednesday and Friday.I want KNIME also to complete our staffs monthly work time by assigning them to sorting algorithm. I also want KNIME to consider last 2 years shift schedule datas.Are those possible in KNIME?

Thanks in advance.


Would you please provide a sample dataset and then explain what output you are looking for?

I couldn’t understand your issue clearly but I’d like to help.


I want KNIME to sort those operators into cells (MD,CD,CM,IK,TK,HM,OY) to a algorithm I’ll write.For example There are 4 staff in night shift.Every month one of them gets into morning shift changing work time with morning staff and every staff has to work 172 hour in a month.What I want knime to do is sort operators according to some principles.Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

If it is possible to assign numeric or symbolic values to your records to sort correspondingly then yes. Look at Rule Engine and Sorter nodes descriptions and examples.

Hi @ickirkpinar

do I understand you correctly that you are looking for an automated way to create working/employee schedules?

If you are comfortable with programming algorithms yourself, you can for example use our python/R nodes and adapt existing solutions, e.g., Employee scheduling, to your needs.

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