sorting column order after String to Doc, Preprocessing?

Hi, I’m sorry for my lack of experience. Just I have not found any simple way around this issue:

Whenever data is processed through the StringToDocument node, the order gets all mixed up. What I have to do is export the data into excel, and manually convert text data to dates/int format to sort the data back to original, which is becoming a bit painful.

Is there an existing node or a simple way to sort the order of the series back to original?

I’m sorry if there’s a solution available already, and I missed it.
thank you, whoever takes the time to reply.

Hi @veriae666

Can you please give some details how the order is mixed up? Do you mean the row order, or the order of terms inside the document?


thank you very much for the reply. I have done a picture hoping to explain the issue,

Thanks for the screenshot, now I understand your problem. The rows are not in chronological order because the column is not of date type, it’s a string. Therefore, the order is given alphabetically. One thing you can do in KNIME is to convert your date column using a Strings to Date&Time node. This will bring the data in a format you can sort.

Hope that helps!


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thank you very much. I will give the string2date node a shot. have a good week!