Sorting progress does not show progress.

sorting bug

May be its after upgrading to 4.2 but sorting a table, based on a column, in table view, does not show the progress like it used to till 50%. Its now stuck at 0% and quietly does the job.

Thanks for the new features.

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Hello @rd2575691,

I can see it. It is not 50% but close :slight_smile:


To get above I used Data Generator with 800.000 rows and sort on double column. Can you try the same as well? If you have more powerful machine than mine (and you probably do) feel free to increase number of rows.

Is there something specific about your sorting column/data in general? Can you maybe share workflow example with data (dummy works as well) where this can be seen so I can try it out?


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Sorry for bothering you. It worked after restarting.sorting_fixed


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