sorucecode repository

hi there,

is there any chance to get read-access to your svn/cvs-repository?


Hi Alex,

We don't really have plans to publish our code in an unstable version.
Do you have a specific reason why you would like to access the latest and greatest - but not necessarily stablest? ;)

- Peter.


I think he may mean for any version.


Throwing code over the wall every now and then is disapproved by the free software community. Remember the flak Apple got for doing this with WebKit some years ago? In the meantime there is the Subversion repository and a repository browser.

So I really suggest to publish your repository. Contributors would certainly prefer to submit patches that are not already bitrotted. And it would be useful to see how a certain issue tracker item was closed/fixed.

Disclaimer: I am not a contributor (yet), but just collecting impressions (and giving feedback) while evaluating KNIME and other similar tools.

Hi Robert,

that’s not really on purpose - we are just swamped with other activities. We still plan to open our bug/feature tracking system to the community. In the past we have opened our repository to interested contributors whenever they have asked, btw.



which version control system are you using? There are many public sites like sourceforge, github, google code where you could host your repository so that everybody has read access.


I agree with the other users - I would like to modify the LibSVM node to add a single parameter - the ‘-w’ to assign different weights to different classes. Not having read access to the source code means I’ll have to either re-implement the LibSVM node, or be pragmatic and use the [R] node to access their LibSVM wrapper.


The source code for all our plugins is available! Not via direct access to the SVN repository but via source plugins in Eclipse. Each plugin has a corresponding source plugin, e.g. org.knime.ext.libsvm.source for LibSVM which Eclipse will automatically find and use. These source plugins get installed together with the binaries.

I agree with the other posters. I appreciate that the source plugins are included in the download, but really, how difficult is it to throw this up on github -- all the cool kids are doing it!